Days of Protest in Poland // Ogólnopolskie dni protestu (11-14.09.2013)

Days of Protest in Poland

On Wednesday, September 11. under the slogan “Enough of neglecting the society” will begin nationwide days of protest in Poland.

They are organized by the major trade union associations – OPZZ, Solidarity and Trade Unions’ Forum. Support grant them also syndicalist Workers’ Initiative, TU of Nurses and Midwives and August ’80 TU. The activities around the days of protest will also be performed by the Anarchist Federation. Local demonstrations are announced in several cities in Poland (including Wroclaw and Krakow), but the main actions will be held in Warsaw .

On September 11. there will be piquets in front of the ministries of health, transportation, internal affairs, treasury, labour and social policy. After they are finished in front of the building of the parliament there will be launched the camp that for the next two days will host the events associated with the days of protest. Thursday and Friday will be dedicated to the experts’ panels on such topics as education, health and industry and citizens’ debates (including one on social dialogue and referendums legal regulations), which are to be conducted – alongside the trade unions – by non-governmental organizations.

The culmination of nationwide protest days occurs on Saturday, September 14. In Warsaw at 12:00  start three demonstrations that would occupy the centre of the city and lead towards the King’s Castle Square where the four days lasting actions would be summarized. At that moment it is also expected that the protest leaders would announce the decision, whether trade unions decide to carry out a general strike.

For the past several weeks Workers’ Initiative alongside with the Anarchist Federation is calling to curry out the general strike in Poland. They launched the campaign “Support the general strike. We are fighting for social justice“.

The general strike – an invitation

The direct reason to call for days of protest in Poland was the liberalization of the labour market. The demonstrators demand the government would withdraw from the program introducing more flexible working hours, extending the retirement age and will act towards restricting the use of  “junk” job contracts. But the demands made ​​by the organizers of the protests go much further – refer also to resisting against the liquidation of public schools, improving health care system, and to strengthen direct democracy tendencies through transforming the voting regulations of the Polish constitution.

Detailed information on the program of days of protest can be found here (information are in Polish – please, do not hesitate to use digital translators in order to get them known):



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