Days of protest in Poland (Wednsday, Sept. 11.) // Ogólnopolskie dni protestu (środa, 11 września)

Piqet in front of the Ministry of Health

Today in Warsaw, under the slogan “Enough of neglecting the society” began Days of protest. They are organized by the biggest Polish trade unions in support from Anarchist Federation and citizens’ associations who claimed to perform in the forthcoming days solidarity actions in Wroclaw and Krakow, as well as mass participation in Saturday’s protest in which the event organizers predict the presence of at least one hundred thousand participants.

In the morning, in front of the buildings of six ministries gathered various trades assemblies – including health care, mining, policemen, transportation workers. The piquets were attended by the quantity of 2. to 7. thousands people who set off around noon in marches towards the direction of the parliament’s building at Wiejska Street, where from the early morning was being set up the protest camp. At around 1:00 PM the first marches reached near the parliament. Before 3:00 PM came the last march and in front of 23 thousands protesters were delivered the speeches of the leaders of trades’ assemblies and of the unions.

“Ball is over, it’s time to pay the bill” – said Jan Guz, president of the OPZZ trade union, pointing at the weakening social support for the government of prime minister Donald Tusk, as a result of growing public discontent. Piotr Duda – the head of the “Solidarity” trade union – stressed that the Days of Protest are not only workers’ initiative: “We came here in order to raise up not only for workers’ rights. Our motto is “Enough of neglecting the society” as the whole”. This declaration sounded even louder against the background of the fact that none of the ministers invited to receive the petitions from the hands of the representatives of the piquets did deign to meet with the protesters. After the speeches today’s meeting was announced finished. On Thursday at 11:00 AM in the camp working groups debates will be held. On Wiejska Street remained dozens of colourful tents.

About Days of protest in Poland, see the post.


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